The Kingston Lacy tug boat.

Every now and then I get a ‘phone call for a shoot that is out of the ordinary and today was such a day with a request for me to go down to Padstow Harbour and photograph the tug, The Kingston Lacy, before she left on the high tide.  Faced with the options of admin/paperwork and the wrapping and packing of the pre-Christmas workload and take a walk and make some images it wasn’t a difficult choice and I quickly found myself down the town with tripod, camera and umbrella in hand photographing the Kingston Lacy.  The weather wasn’t fantastic as mizzle was the main weather of the day but every now and then it stopped and I was able to make some photographs, albeit a little brooding in the sky.  Now and then the sun shone and made the whole scene look totally different again – just shows you how much the weather affects how we see things!

The change of scenery and the fresh air were a welcome balm to the humdrum of admin and on my return to the office I found myself researching this tug to see why someone would pay me to photograph it.  I’m guessing it is a bit like train spotting in that people become interested in vessels and their history and it would seem that this ‘little’ tug has a fairly large following, and history, attached to it. I did find one rather interesting piece about it on this blog ( ) and I am sure that if I had the time I would be rewarded with many more stories of her life.  Perhaps thats a task for another day 🙂