Children’s Workshop

Recently I led a five week workshop with a small group of primary school children incorporating photography and mixed media.  Our general topic was the subject of ‘the selfie’ and we had great fun with our mobile studio acting as photographer and model, as well as making our own selfie images.

We took these images out of the digital workspace, printed them, transferred them using acrylic transfer processes, to a blank canvas.  From this point the children were shown how to make themselves a frame around their canvas and given free reign to adorn their images with items that they felt represented their character and interests.  The end results were astonishingly different and the children were delighted with their work.

In addition to looking at this we looked at the concept of ‘abstract’ works to make Christmas cards.  The children worked with drawing inks, paper and water, with only toothpicks as a tool.  The final results were so impressive and the conceptual process that the children recorded as they went was inspirational.

These are five of my favourite images that the children made: