Black and White 35mm test shoot.

Been a long time since I processed my own film but had great fun doing so with this one.  My first test roll for the Olympus camera I recently bought so I am really pleased that I both managed to get some focused shots, and I managed to get the film developed correctly  – although I did have a bit of help from my lovely friend Jade Berry to ‘pop’ the lid off – sometimes you just need the help of a beautiful girl with a lethal right hand 😉


Olympus OM-10

I have been fortunate enough to have a chance to purchase an Olympus OM-10 35mm camera. I took it out with me last week to the Eden Project, near St Austell, Cornwall and just ran off an old colour film I had in my kit to see how it went.  Usually shooting in digital it’s been a long time since I used film and it was pretty exciting waiting for the film to be developed to see what I’d managed to capture.  I could have played with the scanned images in Photoshop and given them some pop and contrast but but I was really seduced by the soft colours and the feel it gave so I have left them just as they came.